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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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MyBanners is a multipurpose DotNetNuke (DNN) module to create responsive rotating banners, news tickers or slideshows with touch controls.

 Some key features include:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Horizontal, Vertical & Fade Transition Modes
  • Image, HTML & Video Slides
  • Touch / Swipe Support
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE7+ Browser Support
  • iOS & Android Support
  • DNN 5.x, 6.x, 7.x Support

This module can be purchased from the DotNetNuke store, but note that it is included free of charge with every purchase of the MySkins module.

Module Setting

MyBanners is easy to use. Drop the module on a page, add the slides and no further configuration is required. However, the module can be configured in many different ways and include the following settings:

General Settings

  • Starting Slide - Set the starting slide index.
  • Random Start - Start from a random slide. If the random start is set to true, the starting slide is ignored.
  • Infinite Loop - If true, clicking 'Next' while on the last slide will transition to the first slide and vice-versa.
  • Show Captions - Show slide captions.
  • Ticker Mode - Use slider in ticker mode (similar to a news ticker).
  • Ticker Hover - Pause ticker when mouse hovers over the slider.
  • Adaptive Height - Dynamically adjust slider height based on each slide's height.
  • Adaptive Height Speed - Give the slide height transition duration (in ms).
  • Responsive - Enable or disable auto resize of the slider. (Useful if you need to use fixed width sliders.)
  • Pre-load Images - If true, pre-loads all images before starting the slider. If false, preloads only images for slides that will initially be visible before starting the slider.

Slide Transition

  • Transition Mode - Select the type of transition between slides (Horizontal, Vertical or Fade).
  • Easing - Select the type of "easing" to use during transitions. 
  • Transition Speed - Give the slide transition duration (in ms).


  • Pager Enabled - Enable or disable the pager.
  • Pager Type - Select the pager type. If 'full', a pager link will be generated for each slide. If 'short', an x / y pager will be used (ex. 1 / 5).
  • Pager Separator - If the pager type is 'short', then the pager will use this value as the separating character.


  • Controls Enabled - Enable or disable the 'Next'/'Previous' controls.
  • Hide on End - If true, the 'Next' control will be hidden on the last slide and vice-versa.
  • Next Text - Set the text to be used for the 'Next' control.
  • Prev Text - Set the text to be used for the 'Prev' control.
  • Auto Controls Enabled - Enable or disable the auto controls. If enabled, 'Start'/'Stop' controls will be added.
  • Start Text - Set the text to be used for the 'Start' control.
  • Stop Text - Set the text to be used for the 'Stop' control.
  • Combine Auto Controls - If enabled, when slideshow is playing, only the 'Stop' control is displayed and vice-versa.

Touch Controls

  • Touch Controls Enabled - Enable or disable touch controls. If enabled, the slider will allow touch swipe transitions.
  • Swipe Threshold - Set the amount of pixels a touch swipe needs to exceed in order to execute a slide transition.
  • One to One Touch - Enable one to one touch. If true, non-fade slides follow the finger as it swipes.
  • Prevent Default Swipe X - If true, touch screen will not move along the x-axis as the finger swipes.
  • Prevent Default Swipe Y - If true, touch screen will not move along the y-axis as the finger swipes.


  • Auto Transition Enabled - Enable or disable slide transition automation. If enabled, slides will automatically transition.
  • Pause Interval - The amount of time (in ms) between each auto transition.
  • Auto Start Enabled - Enable or disable playing auto start on load. If disabled, the slideshow will start when the 'Start' control is clicked.
  • Auto Direction - Select the direction of auto slide transitions (Next or Previous).
  • Auto Hover - Pause automatic transitions when mouse hovers over slider.
  • Auto Delay - Set the time (in ms) before automatic transitions begin.


  • Minimum Slides - Set the minimum number of slides to be shown. Slides will be sized down if carousel becomes smaller than the original size.
  • Maximum Slides - Set the maximum number of slides to be shown. Slides will be sized up if carousel becomes larger than the original size.
  • Move Slides - Set the number of slides to move on transition.
  • Slide Width - Set the width of each slide.
  • Slide Margins - Set the margin between each slide.
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